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Adeziv polistiren

There are no translations available. Adeziv pentru placari de polistiren pe suport beton, tencuiala de ciment, caramida, BCA sau BCU cu diferente de nivel de pana la 5 avand o aderenta excelenta inca de la inceputul aplicarii placilor pe suport


Adeziv gresie si faianta ext-interior

There are no translations available. Adeziv gresie si faianta exterior si interior ce lipeste piese ceramice, piatra, marmura, polistiren cu o aderenta excelenta inca de la inceputul aplicarii placilor pe suport.
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Adhesive for faience and gritstone interior and exterior

About product:
- contains additives resistant to several frost-thaw cycles special;                                                                            
- cement-based adhesive for run-out resistance;
- long bucket time(paste life) - aproximately 7 hours;
- creamy texture;
- for indoor and outdoor ceramic applications;
Product compostion:
- cement-based product of high strength, super addtives, plasticizers, frost-thaw resistant additives, siliceous sand, resins for excellent workability and high strengh gluing;
Physical properties and applications:
- outdoor and indoor special applications;
- for gluing ceramic parts, stone, marble, polystyrene;
- excellent adherence from the beginning of suport plate application;
- application on concrete, bricks, autoclaved cellular concrete, light cellular concrete;
- cement-based conventional supports;
- supports should be resistant, stable, clean, free of dust, organic products or scraps from striking etc;
- all supports should have adequate smoothness;
- don’t apply over clay supports or paint;
The method of preparation:
- pour powder in water(not inversely) and stir up manually or mechanically until homogenous;
- leave paste still for approximately  5 minutes, and then stir up again;
- level paste on support using a jointer;
- hackle paste using a cogged tool to adjust layer thickness;
- apply plates by pressing and moving them until the complete flatening of paste furrows for a correct adherence on entire surface;
- construction joints(dilatations, contractions, marginal corner joints) and joints between plates(2 mm minimum) shall be complied with;
- Joint filling up should be carried out after 12 hours;
Precautions and recommendations:
- do not apply  at temperatures below 5°C and above 35°C;
- do not apply in areas with risk of freezing, rain, strong wind or direct sunlight;
- on indoor or outdoor areas higher than 15 mp it is recommended to leave a free space(joint) for marginal dilatation between pavement and walls or poles;
Technical data:
- aspect:  fine grey powder
- bucket time:  approx. 6 hours, dependant on ambient conditions
- water consumption:  0.24l/kg
- coverage:  2-6kg/mp
- adjustement time:  25 minutes   
- jointing:  after 12h



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